What is ECOCERT?

What is ECOCERT?


The demand of organic certified products has grown even more.

Organic products are items needed by the new age which satisfy all people and are environmentally friendly in the process from manufacture to selling in contemporary society.
In 2014, Merry Do Beauty Products obtained a license approved by ECOCERT for its consignment factory for cosmetics to share even more benefits based on our knowledge and achievements accumulated in the past 60 years or so.
We will provide valuable organic products for the future.

ECOCERT is an international certification body for organic products established by a group of agriculturalists in 1991.
In 2003, it codified the world’s first certification standards for cosmetics.
As a leading certification body, it now has over 17,000 items of organic and natural cosmetics and more than 1,000 certified businesses, and is proud of its 80% share of the market.
In 2016, as a leading certification body, it has over 17,000 items of certified cosmetics and more than 1,000 certified businesses, and is proud of its 80% share of the market.
It is also a founding member of COSMOS Standard AISBL, an international non-profit association registered in Belgium in 2010, and has been involved in the certification of COSMOS, the International Organic Cosmetics Standards, in Europe.
The license for factories can be obtained through fair and stringent assessments conducted by auditors who actually conduct factory visits. Approved factories also need to be audited twice a year to maintain their licenses.
The ECOCERT certification standards for cosmetics are categorized into “Organic Cosmetics” and “Natural Cosmetics” and only products which meet the respective stringent standards are certified.

There are two types of ECOCERT certification according to materials to be used.
ECOCERT organic cosmetics Conditions common to the two types of certification

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