COSMOS certification

COSMOS certification

COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) is the world standard for organic and natural cosmetics.
It was codified by BDIH in Germany, Cosmebio in France, ECOCERT Greenlife ASA in France, ICEA in Italy and SOIL ASSOCIATION in England, the founders of COSMOS Standard AISBL, an international non-profit association registered in Belgium in 2010.
Its purpose is to integrate certification rules for pre-existing natural and organic cosmetics while maintaining authentic concepts of organic farming and organic cosmetics, and to enhance the value and implementation of the rules.
The ultimate purpose of COSMOS is to realize “sustainable development” in the area of cosmetics and also to promote the distribution of finished products through producing ingredients which contain natural and organic, environmentally-friendly constituents.


Q&A about COSMOS certification

What are the differences between the COSMOS certification and other certifications?
COSMOS is the highest standard for organic cosmetics. At least 20% of the ingredients of the finished products must be organic.
COSMOS is also the only standard which presents a list of compulsory organic ingredients such as sunflower oil or peppermint oil.
COSMOS certification not only assesses whether certain ingredients are organic, its certification assessment team also assesses the level of biodegradability and aquatic toxicity of the products.
Environmental conservation is given the highest priority in the COSMOS certification.
In what process does the certification body issue its certificate? What does it check?
The certification body checks everything, including the life cycle of the product. It confirms that the product does not contain genetically-modified ingredients but rather appropriately prescribed organic ingredients. It also checks whether its packaging materials are recyclable.
As for the assessment of the certified product, the certification body assesses whether the product information provided by the company is true and does not mislead consumers.
All certified businesses or manufacturers must be reassessed once or twice a year respectively, as their compliance with the business/manufacture standards must be guaranteed.
What ingredients do products certified by COSMOS contain?
Under COSMOS, only natural ingredients are allowed to be used.
In order to avoid manufacturing processes which do not respect the environment or consumers’ safety, it has selection criteria for such ingredients.
However, it also allows businesses to use five specific preservatives in order to make it possible for them to preserve organic products appropriately.
Is the information presented on the labels placed on COSMOS-certified products trustworthy?
Yes, the information presented on all labels, boxes and documents are examined by the certification body to verify their accuracy.

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